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Melo meaning

It is a youthful expression to say that something is very cool, very good, well done... bien Melo.

One Goal, One taquito...

Échate un taquito por cada Gol de tu selección 💚🥳⚽️...

Enjoy the World Cup 2022 in the Mexican way with "Jacalito"... We’ll be streaming and screaming together… because soccer is to live & enjoy it as a team 🤩🌵


At Melo we work with imagination, creativity and design for each of the brands we work with, focusing each one in a unique and special way with the needs of each company.

Our goal is to connect each brand with its people, its customers, which is the most important thing a company has...

New web desing for Amalfi Trattoria

Amalfi Trattoria is a new Italian restaurant in Miami beach with a traditional trattoria style, inspired by the colorful and tourist town of Amalfi... Based on this we create its website; we study the traditions, culture, characteristics and colors of the town and its beautiful coasts In order to transmit them to the page and start creating its strategy on social platforms.

We created an easy-to-navigate site, where customers can feel identified with the culture of Amalfi but also easy for them to make reservations, see the menu or make the orders for delivery.

Check it out here

Website design for restaurants in Miami

Brand Strategy

For the digital strategy of the brand in Social Platforms we focus on highlighting how life is enjoyed in Amalfi, with its colorful streets and its calm and crystal clear waters of the Amalfi coast... it is a project that is starting, soon you will find more information

Social media management for restaurants in Miami Beach
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Marketing for restaurants in Miami
Social media management & designs for resturants
Graph design for Instagram
Graphs for restaurants
Graphic designs for restaurants in Miami

Web Design for Don Sombrero...

Don Sombrero is a Tequila and Taco Bar specialized in the new Mexican Cuisine, with a perfect environment to enjoy in Miami Beach with the perfect Mexican drinks, Tequilas, Margaritas... and of course the Tacos that cannot be missed... based on this we created a web page designed to focus its essence and easy navigation for customers, where they can easily find where to make their reservations, check the menu and more...

Take a look here

marketing for construction companies

Getting it ready

Stay tuned for the launch of the new project "The New Builders of the Future" for Onix Construction Group... soon !


Custom content

Marketing agency in Wynwood

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Social Media management in Miami
Social media for restaurants in Miami

Marketing and Branding...

Our marketing services are focused on growing recognition and improving the perception that people have towards each brand, we do this by working on the unique needs of brands through advertising campaigns for each budget, with Bilboards design in association with the main companies, design of banners, posters, flyers and creation of promotional videos.

In Branding we advise each company with the design or re-design of logos, brand and slogans, all this to improve the perception of the company and make its recognition better, giving a unique identity to each Company.

Social Media Management...

With our Social Media Management services, we take care of connecting with the public of the company, improving the brand-client relationship, we do this by designing or re-designing the social pages of each company, these pages are Instagram, Facebook and the search pages in Google, this includes the creation of promotional videos on social networks, taking and editing photos for the company and visual enhancement of social networks, making them attractive and welcoming to the public

Web Design...

With our web page design services, we take care of creating a unique and functional web page for the needs of your company, each brand is unique and your page must be the same, for this we always work in contact with the client to create a perfect website and attract the attention of potential customers.

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